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Japanese manufacturers continued to produce their wares during this period, and began one of the collecting world’s most beloved trends. Vintage collectibles always pose a problem for researchers and appraisers, as it is not always easy to date them. However, Occupied Japan collectibles, those items that say either Occupied Japan or Made in Occupied Japan are from such a short period , they are easily dated. There are not many collectibles whose date of origin can be narrowed down to a five year period. The contents of the exhibit surprised visitors who hadn’t realized that so many different things were made in Japan during the postwar years. Newsweek Japan published an article about the exhibit titled “What is ‘Occupied Japan’? Occupied Japan collectibles are, by and large, very inexpensive, and make a great starter item for new collectors. They are widely available at flea markets, antiques shows, antiques shops and garage sales.

Figurines made in occupied Japan

A woman cleans a ceramic figurine made about 70 years ago when Japan was under U. Noboru Tomura. SETO, Aichi Prefecture–Four wooden crates that lay in a warehouse here for decades yielded an unexpected trove of ceramic figurines manufactured when Japan was under U. They were found in the warehouse of Maruyama Toki, a pioneer in churning out ceramic ornaments known as “Seto novelties,” which went out of business around 30 years ago.

Standing 5 to 18 centimeters in height, the figurines came in three varieties: noblewoman, lady and ballerina.

After the war exports were labled “Made in Occupied Japan”. After See Made in Japan Ceramics III by Carole Bess White mark #

Douglas MacArthur had no idea what he was giving birth to in , when he set up headquarters in Tokyo after World War II and was entrusted with governing the defeated nation. His mission: to revive Japan’s economy. Between and , under MacArthur’s command, all factories were instructed to print “Occupied Japan” or “Made in Occupied Japan” on their products. What began as a simple means of identification for U.

The range of products lumped under the “Occupied Japan” rubric is astounding in its diversity, but most collectors focus on ceramic figurines or toys. Unlike most collectibles, these objects reflect virtually nothing about their producers.


Ridgeway Mark Johnson Bros. Bakewell Bros. Johnson Bros.

A term used for Japanese export from to “Occupied Japan” (OJ) is a term used for the time period from (after World War II) through April 25,

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Collecting Occupied Japan Cups and Saucers

Unlike in the occupation of Germany , the Soviet Union was allowed little to no influence over Japan. This foreign presence marks the only time in Japan’s history that it has been occupied by a foreign power. The wartime cabinet was replaced with a cabinet acceptable to the Allies and committed to implementing the terms of the Potsdam Declaration , which among other things called for the country to become a parliamentary democracy.

Under MacArthur’s guidance, the Japanese government introduced sweeping social reforms and implemented economic reforms that recalled American ” New Deal ” priorities of the s under President Roosevelt. Japan surrendered to the Allies on August 15, , when the Japanese government notified the Allies that it had accepted the Potsdam Declaration.

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From through , the Japanese economy recovered with a democratic system displacing the importance of an emperor. During this time, the porcelain and ceramics industries prospered. The American public expressed reluctance in purchasing goods from a former axis nation. Therefore, Americans more readily embraced the same tableware and decorative in response to the new marketing. Flip the item over.

All imports from Japan up till had to be stamped “Occupied Japan” or “Made in Occupied Japan”. In the U.S. Custom Service decreed.

Lefton, arrived in the United States from Hungary in Although Lefton made his living in Hungary in sportswear, his passion for fine porcelain turned from a hobby into a business when he founded the Lefton Company in in Chicago. When Pearl Harbor was bombed in , many Japanese-owned businesses in Chicago were looted. Lefton helped board up a business owned by Nunome, a Japanese-American friend.

After the war, Nunome assisted Lefton in developing essential relationships with china producers in Occupied Japan. Japan was occupied by the Allied forces with its unconditional surrender in August of The Allies’ plan was to help Japan rebuild and grow, but not to allow Japan to have the manufacturing capabilities to rearm itself.

Pottery and porcelain manufacturing fit into the areas of acceptability as set by General Douglas McArthur and the Allies. Lefton China produced in Occupied Japan included a wide range of pieces, dating from to

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How to Cite this Website. Japanese porcelain has a highly vitrified white to off-white hard paste created with kaolin and ball clays combined with feldspar and silica Ross Under short and mid-range ultraviolet light, the glazed surface of Japanese porcelain appears magenta or dark purple. Porcelain production in Japan began in the early 17th century Willmann , but Japanese trade with the United States did not begin until after the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa.

Most of the Japanese porcelain sold in the United States between and World War I were traditional teawares or vases Venable et al.

These pieces usually were marked “Made in Occupied Japan,” “Made in In sending us an announcement on its upcoming festival (see Date.

Political and Economic Changes during the American Occupation of Japan When the war ended, it was the common intent of all the Allied Powers to render Japan incapable of ever returning to the field of battle. But the American government, which had led the Allied war effort and whose representative, General Douglas MacArthur, was named the Supreme Commander of the Occupation forces, felt that only a democratic Japan would be truly peace-loving. It was assumed that democratic countries like the United States and Great Britain were more peaceful than nondemocratic countries such as Hitler’s Germany and prewar Japan under the emperor.

But what makes a country “democratic”? Is a country democratic simply because of certain political institutions, like free elections and free speech? Can these political institutions survive if economic power is concentrated in just a few hands, and social structures like the educational system and the family preach unlimited obedience to authority?

The American government believed that establishing democracy in Japan involved change in all areas of Japanese life. Under MacArthur and with the cooperation of the Japanese, Japan undertook tremendous changes in just seven short years — the Occupation lasted from to The success of the Occupation can be judged by the fact that forty years later, Japan has not fought a war, is a close ally of the United States, and has not changed most of the important reforms made by the Occupation.

The most obvious changes were political. During the Occupation, Japan adopted a new constitution sometimes called the MacArthur Constitution because of the major role Americans played in its drafting. This constitution was completely different from the Meiji Constitution of To support these political changes, the Americans instituted reforms to make economic power in Japan more “democratic.

The farmers, who made up over 50 percent of the labor force, often rented the land from landlords who lived in distant cities and paid them as much as half of the crops they grew.

Japan vx. Made in Japan

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Florence Archambault’s “Occupied Japan For Collectors” (Schiffer The shades appear to be period, i.e., dating from the late s or early.

Could you tell me what “made in Occupied Japan” means. I have a pitcher with this marked on the bottom. It is a hand painted dragon on it, with white blue and gold. Since I don’t know that much about Japanese porcelain, or any recent porcelain really, I passed this question on to a seasoned OJ collector. You will also see items marked “Occupied Germany” – both of which are generally an insult to these countries.

I do not have any specifics on the German occupation. Thus, you may come across things, such as a salt and pepper set, where only one of the pair is marked OJ and the other will just have “Japan” on it. Many of the figurines were cheaply made, and looked it.

Occupied Japan collectibles

The tiny pair measure approximately 4 high, are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing and the colors are very vibrant. Occupied Japan period and signed on the base. Figurine was probably a cabinet piece as it shows no.

item This is an ornate Saji, Japan Occupied Japan 3 footed bright purple teacup and saucer dating The bright purple on white porcelain cup.

This is a sweet little mustard jar by Commodore, made in Japan in the s. This jar was sold as part of a mustard and ketchup jar set. Commodore created these as a result of the popularity of Holt Howard’s Pixieware — in fact, you’ll often see these called Holt Howard, but they aren’t. Like the Pixieware line, they have whimsical faces and include a spoon built into the lid. The mustard has a yellow hat with a pink bow and funny little smirk-smile.

It has golden brown hair and brown…. Adorably sweet vintage kewpie doll made in Occupied Japan with beautifully hand painted details to her face, eyes, and cute chubby cheeks. Her pink clothing is trimmed with blue and decorated with fuchsia details, bow, and shoes.


I am curious if you know the maker of the teapot with 16 petal chrysanthemum with a T at the center mark. Many of the pre war marks are not known. Many small shops were destroyed and records lost. Hello, I am an archaeologist excavating in the State of Israel and have recovered a tea cup base with “Japan” stamped on the bottom.

DATING TO post WWII JAPAN when UNDER THE ALLIED OCCUPATION OF THAT COUNTRY manufacturing was pretty well confined to knickknacks A.

How fun to return to two queries about Japanese-made items! I believe they may be ceramic. They are hollow inside and some of the paint is faded or gone. The shoes will be given to our daughter, and I would like to give her some historical information and let her know if they are of any value. Douglas MacArthur, then took control of the country.

Exporting manufactured goods to western markets was part of this economic revival. All goods destined for the U. Your little pair of ceramic shoes was made during this period. The mold marks are visible and the sprayed-on color decorations have faded or washed off.

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